The new NTN Studios!

Professional studio with FM quality broadcasts

NTN has a full production studio with state-of-the-art equipment. Quality doesn't lie.

Nationwide, worldwide

The NTN Radio Network is an outgrowth of a narrow-minded rating systems that decimated the market of quality talk-radio programming. NTN brings back the entertaining and engrossing talk-radio that has disappeared from the radio dial.

Sports Talk

Tired of sports programming that only focuses on the "home team?" NTN is proud to present nationwide sports programming. Whether you're an NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA or NASCAR fan, there's something for everyone in NTN's sports programs.

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The DawgHouse

A completely irreverent, totally biased, intellectually challenged and scornful study of the twisted life of the motorcycling world & those who inhabit our planet, all wrapped up in a disturbing weekly show! Recorded Tuesdays at 6:00pm EST/EDT.

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No Philter

Hide the children, lock the doors and park your sensitivities cause nothing is off base, nothing is sacred and if you're not offended, wait a while. It's the No Philter Show and anything goes. Visit the No Philter page to listen to past episodes.

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Talking Jets

Talking Jets

Playing in the largest media market in the nation the New York Jets are covered ad nauseam. On Talking Jets hosts John and Brad cut through the hysteria and cover all things Jets both past & present with straight forward and logical insight.

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You Heard It Here

Don't waste your time with that stodgy news on the television. Learn the real story along with analysis and commentary from Ken & Phil. Sometimes serious, sometimes wacky, but always entertaining.

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Miss the good old talk-radio that has all but disappeared from the radio dial? NTN is bringing it back with a passion!


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