Conservatively Speaking #9: 02/22/2013

Conservatively Speaking #9: 02/22/2013


Pierre Poilievre from the Canadian legislature speaks in words that all Americans need to listen to and heed.

Dr. Benjamin Carson speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast and schools Barack Obama on respecting  free speech and the free exchange of ideas. Carson explains a fair tax system and health care for our future.

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  1. Craig HubleyCraig Hubley03-02-2013

    Maybe Americans also should consider that Pierre Poilievre believes that child sex abuse victims, who “partook” (his words) of residential schools, owe some kind of “value for money” accounting to their abusers.

    Such a re-victimization of children is even worse than what his friend and mentor Tom Flanagan advocated. It might be possible to ignore a redistributed image of oneself being abused, or not know about it. It would be very hard to ignore a sneering intimidating older person you identify with your abuser or institution, with all your private financial statements in front of them, demanding to know why you spent this or that or what it had to do with your abuse. It’s not as if white child sex abuse victims must account to their abusers that way, is it?

    Whatever the cause, surely you can find a much better spokesperson than Pierre Poilievre, whose lack of empathy for native children and demands on behalf of their abusers speaks as loudly as Tom Flanagan’s callousness.

    • KenKen03-02-2013

      We weren’t making any judgment on anything other than that speech and what he said is something that all Americans need to listen to and heed.

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