French Kissed #11: 06/11/2014

French Kissed #11: 06/11/2014

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06/04/2014 recap:

  • Justin Beiber said: “Run, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga”
  • Native Americans are ignored or naw?
  • Jeremy Burnworth – 35 in Pittsburgh detained with 15 yo minor in his car that he met through Grindr
  • Peril and Pierre or Peril is Pierre
  • Sherley & Colbms get on the case!
  • Let’s be Franq – Mike and Franqi worq the stage at Clarkes in Manassas… Thanks Andy Sanderson!!!
  • WOW – Jonah Hill wants a Fa990t to S his D!?!?
  • Howard did it at Zeba …. AGAIN!

Episode: #11

Celebrity call in guest: Aida Rodriguez from ‘Last Comic Standing” addresses Keenon

J-Lo’s ex boo thang Casper Smart is sexting trannys???!!!

R. Kelly’s child comes out as transgendered

SC Johnson Billionaire suffers from Affluenza!

Dave Chappelle on Letterman on The Chappelle show

Karlesha Thurman is the W.O.W – breastfeeding at her graduation? Where they do that at???



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