French Kissed #8: 05/21/2014

French Kissed #8: 05/21/2014

05/14/14 recap:

  • Solange v.s. Jay Z WTF Bey
  • Channing Tatum is a Super Hero!?
  • Surprise call from crazy comic
  • Leslie Jones v.s. white comics and the N-word
  • Banger & Mash
  • Smoking chocolate
  • W.O.W.  – White girl of the week
  • Little Friday Forecast

Episode #8

Police Cheif calls POTUS N-Word

CA Mayor says kids should ‘grow a pair’ when bullied

Michael Jace Kills his wife

Special guest host: Petey Steele

Special guest caller: Glo Butler

Your vibrator rusted?! Say what!!!

W.O.W – 300 sandwiches lady

Senior quotes gone wide



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