French Kissed #9: 05/28/2014

French Kissed #9: 05/28/2014

FrenchKissed Post

05/21/14 recap:

  • Petey Steele a.k.a. Steel Born DC held down the gust host spot
  • Peril was MIA
  • Glo a.k.a. 610 educated the world on vibrators
  • The French Kissed Team learned the meaning of life: “Back that ass up!”

Episode #9

The Poet Laureate of the US passed – Maya Angelou gone at 86 – FKR got #ruthless ?? WTF!

2 Jackasses got married… Kimya or naw

TI vs Mayweather

Rhianna vs Charlie Sheen

Labron James hits records

Did Tupac really say: “F$%@! YOU” to a cop before he died?

Macklemore – Is he antisemitic??? His costume was!

Mike B is the house

Howard and Franqi Kill Zeba

WOW – Shaun Goodman – 7th DUI no jail time – OHHHHH to be Caucasian in AmeriKKKa… yoinks


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