HaterNation Episode #31: 07/31/2013

HaterNation Episode #31: 07/31/2013


Back where we belong, The HaterNation on Wednesday, Humpday, HATE-DAY

It’s Ali and MC as BA is celebrating his family reunion, and scaring the local authorities…remember, Florida loves themselves some Stand Your Ground!

Riley Cooper…your racist of the week

VA drivers vs. rain…just no contest

Ali vs Ramadan the sequel

MC vs his teeth

Animal Slavery…verbal copyright

Hater Headlines: Anthony Weiner loves himself his phone, his body, and apparently, Sloppy Janes. Pope Frank is cool with the gays

Don Lemon drops truth bombs on the black community, and is getting roasted. We come to the rescue

Today in history, 5 years equals 250 hours I guess, NY Yankee hate from 1938

Top Box Office and opening this weekend. Denzel wants to be Wesley so badly

Johnny Manziel’s bitching up, Detroit and Daytona cops

Hater Highlight Reel: Stay classy Italy

TV talk








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