No Philter Radio #85: 12/11/2014

No Philter Radio #85: 12/11/2014



Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Sons of Anarchy, White Collar, Gotham ,The Flash, Ripper Street, Atlantis and Covert Affairs.

Archer was right there is a hottie running a Mexican Cartel!!!

Greenpeace vs Ancient Aliens

RIR fans gets stiff sentence.

Leo Dicaprio gains our respect.

Vancouver cops taunt a Lambo owner on Twitter.

What’s a Formicophile?

Japanese Penis Festival.

Drugs and Mexican Hookers save a man’s life.

Ladies dye their armpit hair?

The LEGO Strip Club.

Gas Prices.

DC Law on pot might be changing

Amsterdam might not let foreigners do drugs.

A new kind of Christmas Tree

Beard Ornaments

Planet X is lurking out there.

Windowless planes?!?!?!



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