BT Sports Radio #16: 04/30/2013

BT Sports Radio #16: 04/30/2013


Yack and Rich wrapped up the NFL Draft with Rotoworld’s Evan Silva @evansilva, and although Evan gave the Redskins good marks, he was really impressed with what the Giants managed to do. The boys then talked about Jason Collins’ coming out, and they agreed that unless Collins is on an NBA roster next season, this won’t be as big of a story.

Yack then sounded off on all the Tim Tebow hate, and how media/society would’ve treated him if he wasn’t the unassuming whitey, bible thumper. Send all complaints and comments to @sportsyack. They then commented on People Magazine’s Most Beautiful people, and concluded with everyone’s favorite segment, Rich’s Stories. As always, thanks for listening!

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