BT Sports Radio #19: 05/21/2013

BT Sports Radio #19: 05/21/2013


Rich and Yack discussed RG3’s wedding registry, and Yack didn’t know that once a gift was purchased, it couldn’t be purchased again. Yack still would rather see less RG3 between now and September. #JustWinBaby. Corey Borner joined the program. He was paralyzed from the waist down in a high school scrimmage back in 2009. He told his inspirational story of how he has progressed, and how he expects to walk again one day.

The Nats were discussed. Yack is not going to panic “until the 3rd week of July, if they’re still playing .500 ball and 6-7 games behind the Braves.” ¬†Yack also¬†reiterated¬†his disgust for Drew Storen and Danny Espinosa. Rich’s Stories, everyone’s favorite segment, closed out the program as usual. Thanks for listening!

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