BT Sports Radio #20: 05/28/2013

BT Sports Radio #20: 05/28/2013


Rich and Yack dove right into the trials and tribulations of the Washington Nationals, and what exactly it means that they’re only 1 game over 500 through 51 games. Yack also thinks Bob Carpenter should check himself before going on a top rated DC morning sports show, and basically throwing all Nats fans under the bus. Carpenter’s comments on the Junkies, allowed for twitter and 1067 The Fan’s spin doctor of a PD- Slacks KiNERD, to allow his boy Chad Dukes to continue the ignorant argument. Dukes spent an hour advocating that lifelong Orioles fans, who live in DC and Virginia, should jump ship and become Nats fans now. OK…

Bill Ladson (@washingnats) joined the program, to continue the conversation on the Nats woes. His insight is always appreciated on our show. The fellas then touched on RG3’s press conference from last week, and how the guy is simply a superstar when it comes to handling the media, and answering the multitude of questions that are thrown at him.

Everyone’s favorite segment, Rich’s Stories, closed out the show. As always, thanks for listening!

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