DawgHouse #274: 08/26/2014 – Motorcycle Radio, News, Motocross

DawgHouse #274: 08/26/2014 – Motorcycle Radio, News, Motocross


Ken’s News:

Be careful riding in South Carolina.

Google prepares to take over your bike…literally.

Autonomous bike

This is GhostRider, the 2004 Darpa Grand Challenge entry from Anthony Levandowski and Team Blue.











Batman rides a Can-Am Spyder?








Riding with the Oxen…sort of.

Warren’s News:

Sturgis 2014 Stats

Motorcyclist’s Magazine Motorcycles of the Year.

RECALLED Motorcycle or Car? In the US look up your VIN.

vin entry

Racing News:

AMA Motocross Utah National.

Picks for MotoGP from Silverstone.



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