French Kissed #14: 07/02/2014

French Kissed #14: 07/02/2014

FrenchKissed Post

06/25/14 Recap:

  • Franqi goes to Hollywood! Again!
  • HOMO’s & Sports – NBA Draft, Hope Solo USA Soccer team
  • Chris Breezy denies plea deal
  • Michael Jackson 5th year death birthday
  • Deal or No Deal Katie Cleary’s hubby kills himself – guess that was no deal…#OMG
  • Jeremy Meeks #felonbea
  • “Love Song to Miss Kitty” – go see it!!
  • American exchange student gets stuck in a vagina statue in Germany #unitednations – W.O.W.

07/02/14 Highlights

Shady bitches in the DC Comedy Scene! WORD

Eazy E’s Son denied.. not casted in N.W.A. biopic

Katt Williams Threatens heckler with gun!

Robert Downey Jr son arrested for drugs… what the

W.O.W. – Apryl Brown Lost her hands and feet after kitchen butt injections


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