HaterNation #21: 05/22/2013

HaterNation #21: 05/22/2013


The Oklahoma City tragedy, do what you can to help out, like Kevin Durant, NOT like Matt Kemp

The RG3 gift registry; you’re an idiot if you sent him a gift…end of discussion

Randolph Terrance helps the guys navigate through Billboard Music Award and Tiger/ Sergio Hate

Hip hop artists Nobyus discuss their careers and the state of hip hop and rap

We review the “Greatest NBA commercial of All Time”

Know What We Hate? Flipflops, Baltimore and fake people

Randolph Terrance (@RealTalkForYou)

Nobyus @TheOnlyNobyus & Facebook.com/Nobyus


Remember, 6/22 6pm our 6 month anniversary Happy Hour at the Greene Turtle in Fairfax


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