HaterNation #9: 02/27/2013

HaterNation #9: 02/27/2013


Special Guests:

  • Model Sarah Keys, @ModelSarahKeys on Twitter, Facebook.com/ModelSarahKeys
  • Lizz from @Lizzs_Lockeroom

Robot Combat League, Smash or Trash, we’ll give it time mainly because Team Scorpio has a really hot chick

Where the Hell is Ali? After a couple of minutes, Ali accidentally reveals that he’s in New York City

Lizz from @Lizzs_Lockeroom  calls in to discuss the Hoyas, the Knicks, London Fletcher, sports love and “Twitter Courage” (verbal copyright). We also share our memories of Jet Magazine– there’s nothing ever wrong with that!

We wouldn’t chase Jennifer Lawrence through the mall, but Sarah Keys would chase Shemar Moore through it

Subway sandwiches and Budweiser lawsuits are discussed, but it quickly turns into something naughty

#KnowWhatIHate, racist, jive talking cartoon characters, fake models, check writing and bad drivers

Congrats to Dan Brown for winning the Hate of the Week- he wins a $50 Greene Turtle Gift Card


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