HaterNation Episode #25: 06/19/2013

HaterNation Episode #25: 06/19/2013


The weekend: Ali’s dog sitting adverture, MC’s observations at his niece’s 13th birthday party

Father’s Day for MC

Miss USA and Miss Utah, who do YOU remember?

Kevin Bednarz (@DoubleDown) and Tony Arko @TonyArko) join the party

Edward Snowden and dumbing down of America talk

Victoria Harris (@Chef_Vicky) brings in AWESOME Mac and Cheese (@CapMacDC) and Cake in a Jar (@CakeLoveInfo)

NBA Finals talk

Paula Deen, says the N-word, “of course”

Watch our “To and From” Movie Review of “This is the End” for the Movie Guys:

Aaron Hernandez, Jayson Williams and the Globetrotters

Lil Wayne, Tipping, Atlanta “Shock Jocks” and Dutch sports gone crazy






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