HaterNation Episode #28: 07/10/2013

HaterNation Episode #28: 07/10/2013


Ali’s Ramadan Adventure

4th of July Highlights

Finding a seat for the George Zimmerman verdict fireworks

Rev. Redskin hits the scene to promote his August 22 event honoring Chief Zee at Primetime Sportsbar in Fairfax

BA’s fascination with Brazil, despite the recent crime spree

Lawrence Taylor and Lawrence Taylor Jr

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch calls in to promote her appearance at the Collector Showcase of America Show July 12-14 in Chantilly, VA, talks about Sable heat and laying in bed with fans for an upcoming event

Anna Benson, would it be worth the crazy?

Planes and Trains, we ain’t f’n with them right now

Sterilize prisoners, all of them

Horse sex, raft sex & a piece of sh_t peeping tom…literally





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