No Philter Radio #64: 06/26/2014

No Philter Radio #64: 06/26/2014


Phil’s in Kentucky to seal the deal on his long-term gay relationship.

The Sexy Felon, Jeremy Meeks, terrorist and gun smuggler is giving all the women the steamin undies, from his mugshot, apparently women are as superficial as men.

5 out of the top 16 cities with the highest rate of AIDS are in Florida, I’m thinking spring break should be moving.

What the fuck is going on in China? Lots of freak babies over there, guy with 2 mouths  and now a baby with 4 arms and 4 legs???

Man hijacks bread trucks, continues the route making deliveries in his underwear.

Florida man sneaks gun into jail, to sue?

Florida man claims he was joking when he doused his wife with gas.

TV in the bedroom leads to more or less sex? I’d say more gives Graham fodder to crank to.

Wife carries on for 9 months with dead husband in house.


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