SportsTakeover #17: 06/27/2013

SportsTakeover #17: 06/27/2013

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Tonight’s episode of Sports Takeover brought you a 7 Time PBA Tour Champion and the shows first International caller in Jason Belmonte.  Nick was really excited about the call until Belmo told him that he will be sending him the bill for the call.  Although threatened with a big bill, Nick and guest co-host Brandon Jackson knew that they were not cutting this interview short.  They discussed the 2 Handed Craze, what it’s like to defeat Wes Mallot, and who his dream match up would be.

Brandon and Nick also got into some Major League Baseball talk, including a little back and forth about what those damn Philadelphia Phillies plan on doing at the trade deadline with Cliff Lee.  While they disagreed on Cliff Lee staying or not, they both agreed that Manny Machado in Baltimore is a talent that all Orioles fans should make it to the ballpark for.

Obviously, with the MLB All Star Game right around the corner, Football Funday Nick and Brandon got into some of the leaders in the All Star Game voting.  Did the fans actually get some of these votes right?  Find out here on Sports Takeover!



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