BT Sports Radio #17: 05/07/2013

BT Sports Radio #17: 05/07/2013


The boys discussed Yack’s weekend in York, Pa- the annual Billyman trip, in which him and 39 of his closest buddies golf, booze, and gamble for 3 days. A show name change was then discussed, but as has been the case over the last 6 months, no new name was put in stone.

The Redskins’ rookies put on a “show” for all the media this week, and Rich Turpin is already all in with wanting to buy a Baccari Rambo jersey. Yack told Rich to pump the brakes, as this was simply a dog and pony show featuring a few guys who might make the team versus a bunch of guys who have no chance of doing so. The DC Sports teams were discussed, as Turpin and Yack think that relative to the success of the Nats, Caps, and Redskins over the last year, DC has the best overall teams in the major sports.

Rich’s Stories led off with the Cleveland kidnapping story, and how much of a horror show it is. The fellas focused on how funny the interview hero Charles Ramsey gave. Rich ended up telling a story about the time he turned in a criminal that was staying in a hotel he was working in, and then Fairfax County didn’t pay up the $10,000 reward they were offering.

As always, Thanks for listening!

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