DawgHouse Show #449: “I want to punch Jiggy Dog in the face!”

DawgHouse Show #449: “I want to punch Jiggy Dog in the face!”


THIS is hard to believe! Phil wants to punch his man-crush, JD Beach, in the face! Phil is upset that Jiggy Dog did not race in the Oakland Supercross.  Which he would have totally won had he entered!

There is going to be a World Superbike Race in Ireland for 2019.  Does that mean that they are going to drop another race or just add another stop?

Supercross finally gives us what the DawgHouse has called for, an early start to a west coast race.  It was so early that Warren missed the early heats!  Big P, Aaron Plessinger and Jason Anderson take care of business while Eli Tomac still struggled.


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