French Kissed #12: 06/18/14

French Kissed #12: 06/18/14

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06/11/14 Recap:

  • Celebrity call in guest: Aida Rodriguez from ‘Last Comic Standing” addresses Keenon
  • J-Lo’s ex boo thang Casper Smart is sexting trannys???!!!
  • R. Kelly’s child comes out as transgendered
  • SC Johnson Billionaire suffers from Affluenza!
  • Dave Chappelle on Letterman on The Chappelle show
  • Karlesha Thurman is the W.O.W – breastfeeding at her graduation? Where they do that at???

06/18/14 Highlights

Franqi French  is in HOTLANTA??? What?! And … She performing with Mario Torry

Pittsburgh pride get punched in the mouth by cops! “Oh no he didn’t”

Homo’s N Sports – Labron James heading to NYC… Holy big apple bat man!

Eve aka Mrs.Billionaire “Have a baby by him, baby be a millionaire”

Julia Roberts wishes her sister a fond farewell & a breakdown

Tre Luv of the J-Spot Comedy Club in LA graced the French Kissed team with is super sexy style & found out he & Howard are cousins!

Peril goes on a hiatus!




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