French Kissed #17: 07/23/2014

French Kissed #17: 07/23/2014

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07/16/14 Recap:

  • Frangi puts bringer shows on BLAST!
  • Lebron goes back to the O! #homosandsports
  • Rae Bangs herself
  • WalMart is about to be renamed as Tracy Morgan Mart
  • Gucci Mane set-up or sodomite?
  • W.O.W… Man vs Spider vs Fire
  • Katt Williams the OCG – #originalcomedygangsta

07/23/14 – Highlights:

The team did some catching up

Philip Seymour Hoffman don’t want no trust fund kids

19 words with super gay meanings

Farrah Franklin formerly of Destiny’s Child was… wait who?!

Jason Biggs sells his Malaysia air frequent flyer miles on twitter

Katt Williams opens up about Dave Chappelle

Claire Leeson – W.O.W. spends 30K to look like Kim K


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