French Kissed #20: 08/13/2014

French Kissed #20: 08/13/2014

FrenchKissed Post

08/06/14 Recap

  • Howard & Rae are all booked up and out of office
  • Franqi interviews some rap guy and his girlfriend
  • Mike B makes a not so surprising appearance
  • Franqi assaults everyone with her vocal penis
  • Liv … who?! did she really try to come for Bay like that?GTFOH
  • Shirley and Colmbs solve another case!
  • W.O.W. Sarah Espinosa – snakes in a car

08/13/14 – Highlights:

Once again the team is on the Road so enjoy the Best of!… with a few new Segments

R.I.P. Mork! The passing of a legend… Robin Williams

Katt Williams Calls Kevin Hart his Bitch

Afton Burton – “I am Charles Manson’s Wife”

W.O.W. Man buys ALL the pies at burger king to spite a spoiled child



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